¡¾ RM65.50 ¡¿Aluminium Alloy Seat Sit Bath Shower Mobile Toilet Commode Chair with Back Rest + Urine Tray / Tandas Kerusi
¡¾   RM65.50   ¡¿Aluminium Alloy Seat Sit Bath Shower Mobile Toilet Commode Chair with Back Rest + Urine Tray / Tandas Kerusi Medical Supplies Health & Beauty Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Sungai Buloh Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Chiwawa Asia Sdn Bhd

Product Features:
Extra Stable Wide Base, Trusty cane.
Wide base to provide superior balance and stability
Provide secure, reliable support on any surface
10 grips in total for Handle height adjusting.
Handle height is adjustable from 105cm to 127cm allowing for custom comfort
Now you can enjoy the freedom to go anywhere you like, stride by stride with at you side!
Easily for Compact Storage
Stand on its own without falling
All-terrain design
Ergonomically designed handle with soft Vinyl Contoured Grip provides comfort and security
Material: Aluminium alloy
Made from Sturdy aluminium construction.
Color: Black
Adaptable for right or left-handed users.
Package Included: 1 x Extra Stable Wide Base Posture Cane
Walking with a Posture Cane
Follow the steps below when you walk with a posture cane.
Step 1: Hold the posture cane in the hand opposite your injured or weaker leg. Make sure the flat side of the posture cane is closest to your body 
Step 2: Place base of the posture cane on the ground when you move it forward. Your posture cane should be about one step length ahead of you. Keep it close to your body for support and balance. 
Step 3: Step forward with your weaker leg.
Step 4: Support your weight with both the posture cane and your injured leg. Step through with your stronger leg.
Do not take a step unless your posture cane is firmly on the ground.
Do not place your posture cane too far forward. The posture cane should be directly across from the instep of your weaker foot.
Do not take steps that are too big.
When turning, take small steps
Check your posture cane tips regularly. Replace them when they are worn.
Be careful when walking on uneven or wet surfaces.
Use good posture when walking.
Check your balance before stepping.
Walk at a safe pace.

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