¡¾RM255¡¿20 Ton Heavy Duty Meter Hydraulic Floor Bottle Jack Automotive Car Van Truck SUV Emergency Kit
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Product Description:
¡¾INCLUDED: 1 x Meter Pressure Gauge¡¿
Hydraulic bottle jack is a hand operate jack for lifting the car during replacing of car tyres and etc. 
Is ideal for use with automotive, marine, construction, industrial and agricultural applications. 
It can lift up to 20 Ton (estimate 20,000Kg) and easily operated by hand.
Lifting mechanism is generate by hydraulic oil pressure inside the Jack compartment. 
It is a useful tool for common consumer passenger car. 
To lift up the car, van, lorry, SUV, MPV
Easy operation and repair 
Handle for raising and positioning purpose
Hydraulic Jacks with adjustable screw to up height for perfect positioning
Long telescopic single ram gives a higher maximum lift than the standard range, while keeping the same compact closed height. 
Valve releases by turning anticlockwise for auto descend
Reliable and portable
Integrated carry handle
Steel frame construction
Durable for though use
High quality strong sturdy Compact structure
Safety Notice:
Never exceed the jack's rated load capacity.
Base of jack should always rest on a firm, level surface.
The contact between top and lifted body must be perfect.
Please use the Safety Jack Stand to support the car after the car was lifted up
When several jacks are use together, the raising speed should be coincident with each other.
When you have lifted the jack to a required position, please clockwise screw the pressure valve to the right most to fix the spindle.
When you finish using the jack, please anti-clockwise screw the pressure valve to the left for about 5°-10°to avoid a speedy falling.
Load capacity available: 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 6 Ton, 8 Ton, 10 Ton, 16 Ton, 20 Ton, 32 Ton, 50 Ton
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